The latest update for survival horror game Scorn is out now, addressing one of the game’s most flawed aspects.

At launch, Scorn had a severely limited save system that only gave players the choice to reload their last autosaved checkpoint or restart the entire act. Checkpoints were also often poorly placed, either kicking in far too infrequently or at times where you were dangerously low on health or ammunition (or both), making progression frustratingly challenging.

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In Scorn’s latest patch, which is out now on PC and en-route to Xbox, one of the highlights is a revision of both above aspects. The patch introduces a new option that lets you load a prior checkpoint, while the placement of checkpoints has also been revised. There are no specific details on whether that means there’s more of them, or if they’ve just been more logically spaced out, but any improvement will be welcome for those still making their way through the biomechanical halls of this puzzle game.

The patch also addresses various bugs that could just as easily impact progression, including a nasty one where you could clip into an enemy after a glory kill. In some extreme cases (like one instance during our review process), this could also trigger a checkpoint, forcing a full act reload to fix things. Full patch notes can be found below.

Scorn’s frustrating save system worked hand-in-hand with its poor combat to create an experience that was far more off-putting than engaging. In our 4/10 Scorn review, we wrote, “There’s simply too much in Scorn that works to push you away from it rather than pull you deeper into it, making even its relatively brief adventure a difficult one to suggest you give your time to.

Scorn Patch Notes

Fixed Bugs

  • A player can get stuck in the hurt machine
  • A player can get stuck in the collision after performing a glory kill
  • After killing the Boss in Act V, players are unable to pick up the dropped item
  • A player might die by falling through the floor at certain positions

Fixed Issues

  • German localization issues
  • Spanish localization issues
  • FOV issues on ultrawide screens
  • Position of the ammo/heal container when a player uses heal
  • Capsule blockers on a bridge
  • Act V loading issue
  • Crash when exiting the game
  • Occasional NPC freezes
  • Various collisions causing issues

Updates and Additions

  • Removed the Continue option after a player finishes the game
  • Removed the Load and the Quit game options from the death screen
  • Added safety check for a corrupted save slot
  • Added Load last checkpoint option
  • Added Act III-II hard save
  • Updated checkpoint positions
  • Updated list of the Kickstarter backers
  • Updated Credits
  • Updated FSR 2.0 label in the Options menu
  • Updated positions of certain assets

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