Resident Evil Village‘s DLC, The Winter’s Expansion, adds a brand-new story campaign featuring Rose along with a handful of new Mercenaries levels. In addition to the new Mercenaries levels there are also new playable characters for Mercenaries, including Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and everyone’s favorite giant vampire, Lady Dimitrescu. Not all of these new characters are immediately available however, as you will need to unlock some of them by completing challenges in the new Mercenaries levels.

How to unlock Lady Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg

There are six new Mercenaries levels and you will need to complete all of them before you can play as Lady Dimitrescu or Karl Heisenberg.

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The unlock conditions are:

  • Heisenberg: Get an A Rank or above in all normal stages
  • Lady Dimitrescu: Get an S Rank or above in The Bloody River

The Bloody River level is the final of the six new levels and you will need to get at least an A Rank in each level in order to unlock the next. While that might sound difficult, Chris Redfield is available to play as from the very first DLC Mercenaries level and he comes armed with a powerful assault rifle and pistol. Using Chris Redfield instead of Ethan Winters will make it much easier to get the A Rank necessary to move on to the next level. Each new character has their own unique weapons and challenges to unlock upgrades for them.

In GameSpot’s Resident Evil Village Winter’s Expansion review critic Richard Wakeling gave it a 6/10, writing, “Shadows of Rose might be the most notable part of the Winters’ Expansion, but it’s The Mercenaries that provides the most bang for your buck. Rose’s tale is an uneven and brief continuation of the Winters family story. It successfully makes familiar locations feel fresh again but doesn’t do quite enough with Rose’s powers to elevate its action or make the experience feel worthwhile. The switch back to a third-person perspective is noteworthy, and its inclusion as an optional way to play Resident Evil Village is a boon for those thinking of replaying the game.”

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