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Resident Evil 4 Remake Preorders Are Discounted For PC

Resident Evil 4 Remake Preorders Are Discounted For PC


The Resident Evil 4 remake is one of the most anticipated upcoming games, and while its March 24, 2023 release date might feel far away, preorders for the reimagined survival horror classic are already available. Better yet, PC players can secure their Resident Evil 4 preorder for just $51 (down from $60), or the deluxe edition for $59.49 (down from $70) over at Fanatical.

This 15% discount will save you some cash on the Steam version of Resident Evil 4 while still providing all the digital bonuses that you’d get from pre-ordering either the standard or deluxe editions on other platforms directly through Steam. These include in-game cosmetics for a Gold Attache Case and handgun ammo keychain charm in the standard edition. The deluxe edition also includes several character skins, alternate costumes, and weapons for Leon and Ashley, plus a “Treasure Maps” expansion and an option to swap to the original Resident Evil 4’s soundtrack.

Note that Fanatical’s discount only applies to preorders. It’s possible Resident Evil 4 will shoot back up to the full $60 price tag once it releases next year, so it’s worth grabbing the deal ahead of time if you’re looking for a cheaper way to play the game at launch.

And if you somehow are reading this and you don’t know much about the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, check GameSpot’s hands-on coverage detailing the surprising ways it enhances–and deviates from–the original. Resident Evil 4 will also be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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