After being announced over a year ago and limited testing beginning last month, the open beta test for Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is available to download on PC and mobile devices worldwide.

Pokemon TCG Live is the new official Pokemon TCG app that lets players collect, trade, and battle with digital versions of real-world cards. It is the first new app for the Pokemon TCG in 12 years, replacing the original Pokemon TCG Online app that debuted in 2010.

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The game was originally announced in September 2021, and while the original announcement said tests would begin later that year, they did not kick off until this past October. The beta originally opened in Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and several European countries last month before the worldwide release today.

Pokemon TCG Live features online matchmaking through the Ranked Ladder mode, as well as a free and premium battle pass that lets players earn additional cards and other boosts. Additionally, as with the previous app Pokemon TCG Online, players can also earn cards via QR codes that appear in real-world Pokemon TCG packs.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live is available to download now on PC, iOS, and Android devices. For recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news, check out the official overview trailer for the next Pokemon generation before its Friday release, as well as a new discount on preorders if you’re planning on picking up the game on day one.

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