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Palworld Update: Here’s What The Latest Patch Does

Palworld Update: Here’s What The Latest Patch Does


Not every update for a popular game has to add new features. Sometimes, a title–or system–just needs a good, old-fashioned stability patch, which is the case for Palworld.

The official Palworld account on X (formerly known as Twitter) stated that the Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions of the game have been updated to v0.1.1.2. This patch should address “some issues which negatively affected game stability.” Developer Pocketpair adds that it’s focused on “fixing major issues” for the survival game, which is in Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox.

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Earlier this month, Pocketpair said Palworld was about 60% finished. As such, the developer is focusing on addressing major bugs, but the survival game’s future roadmap includes PvP, raid bosses, and Steam-Xbox cross-play. New islands and Pals (the name of the creatures) are planned as well.

Palworld has sold over 8 million copies in fewer than two weeks. It’s also passed over 2 million concurrent players on Steam, becoming only the second game ever to hit that milestone. Meanwhile, Palworld surpassed Fortnite on Xbox in the US last week for daily active users, showing that the survival game is performing well on home console, too.

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