It’s been a month since Overwatch 2 launched on October 5, and Activision Blizzard is gearing up to show off the next new hero. “An early look” at the next Overwatch 2 hero will happen during the Overwatch League Grand Finals on November 4.

Players can catch the OWL 2022 Grand Finals over at Overwatch’s official YouTube channel. The event starts at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT.

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This new hero will be released in conjunction with the start of Overwatch 2’s second season on December 6. Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller revealed in a stream that the new hero is somebody the players have seen before, and that he is connected to the new map that will also be arriving in Season 2. Popular guesses include Magua–a member of Talon’s Heavy Assault–or at the very least, some sort of Tank character.

As confirmed previously, Overwatch 2 seasons will run in a nine-week cycle. Each season will get some combo of a new hero, a new map, or a new mode–but not all seasons will get all three new additions.

In related Overwatch 2 news, Activision Blizzard temporarily removed Mei from the playable characters roster. Her Ice Wall ability created a bug that allowed players to “reach unintended locations.” Mei’s return date is planned for November 15. On the same date, Activision Blizzard will also add a balance change patch–an update that will nerf a couple characters like Genji, D.Va, Kiriko and more.

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