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Overwatch 2’s Newest Hero, Ramattra, Is An Omnic Anti-Hero And A Key Part Of The Game’s Next Chapter

Overwatch 2’s Newest Hero, Ramattra, Is An Omnic Anti-Hero And A Key Part Of The Game’s Next Chapter


As a part of the Overwatch League Grand Finals, Activision Blizzard has revealed the next hero coming to Overwatch 2. Ramattra is an omnic radicalized by the Omnic Crisis–the war that directly led to Overwatch’s formation–and humanity’s mistreatment of his people. However, rather than join the Agents of Overwatch in their attempts to bring peace to both sides, Ramattra is more interested in enacting his own brand of justice, putting him at odds with the organization.

“Ramattra’s story is complex and multifaceted and his ultimate goal is to protect his people–but the cost of that goal is still to be determined,” Blizzard wrote in the official press release. “Ramattra’s story is one of hardships, trauma, and a magnified view of humanity’s harsh realities. Harmony was replaced by dissonance, and Ramattra began to approach his convictions from a more pragmatic angle–justifying any means necessary to defend his fellow omnics. As the leader of Null Sector, Ramattra boasts incredible support from his people, and he is primed to impose his philosophies on our world.”

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While Blizzard has yet to reveal Ramattra’s full set of abilities, it did confirm he will be a tank hero that operates similarly to D.Va. Like D.Va, Ramattra will essentially have two forms: Omnic and Nemesis. In omnic form, the hero is more focused on doling out long-range attacks and protecting his team through creating barriers. However, once his Nemesis mode is activated, the former monk becomes a literal killing machine, able to cut down low-health enemies with ease. During a group press conference with Blizzard, the studio stated Ramattra will work best fighting alongside heroes such as Lucio, who can aide him with healing and mobility, while Anna, Reinhardt, and heroes with stun abilities might be formidable opponents.

As for what relationships Ramattra has to pre-existing Overwatch 2 characters, lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie revealed that the omnic was once extremely close to Zenyatta. According to Jurgens-Fyhrie, Ramattra is the one who brought Zenyatta to the Shambali Monastery the pair once called home, and the two quickly became as close as brothers. However, while Zenyatta chose to focus on creating harmony and finding a way for humans and onmics to coexist, several traumatic experiences in Ramattra’s life led to him choosing a different path and severing his relationship with Zenyatta.

The studio also briefly touched on Overwatch 2’s overarching story, revealing that while it can’t explicitly go over what the game’s upcoming PvE mode will look like, “Ramattra is the beginning of answering a bunch of questions related to the ongoing story of Overwatch.” As omnic-human relations is one of the major sources of tension in the series, Ramattra could very well play a major role as the two factions once again reach a boiling point.

Ramattra is slated to hit Overwatch 2 at the start of Season 2, or December 6, 2022. Those who purchase the Season 2 premium battle pass will gain access to the character instantly, while those earning rewards via the free battle pass will have to grind their way up to level 55 in order to unlock him. When asked if the team had any plans to change what level new characters will be unlocked at following criticism directed at the game’s monetization, the team said they are in “constant conversation,” but no changes are planned as of now.

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