Microsoft has partnered with the WNBA to promote Starfield by creating a special takeover of a basketball court. The New York Liberty has announced that its home games on September 7 and September 10 at Barclays Center will have Starfield graphics plastered on the court.

The Starfield and Xbox logos are featured on the court, while the free throw key is colored in with Starfield’s trademark color scheme. Check out the images in the gallery below to get a closer look at the takeover.

The New York Liberty Starfield basketball court takeover
The New York Liberty Starfield basketball court takeover


This is actually the second partnership between Xbox and the New York Liberty, as the two parties teamed up in 2022 to create the WNBA’s first gaming-inspired basketball court.

Additionally, the New York Liberty and Xbox are holding a STEM educational program called Girls Inc. of NYC at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, N.J. Girls and young women aged 6-21 can attend to learn about outer space, which is of course the theme of Starfield.

Starfield is officially available now for everyone on Xbox and PC, and on iPhone and Android through streaming. Now that the game is in the wild, players are making major discoveries, like how having sex every day is a good way to level up and how to print infinite money. It’s also been discovered that Starfield has really good potato physics.

More than 1 million people were playing Starfield at the same time on September 6, setting an Xbox record.

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