Marvel Snap currently only supports matchmade ranked games, but a new Battle mode coming before year’s end will let players challenge their friends directly.

As reported by The Washington Post, Battle mode will be coming to Marvel Snap before the end of the current calendar year, which means sometime in November or December. The mode will allow players to challenge specific players, like friends, as opposed to using the game’s current matchmaking system.


The mode will bring a twist to the game’s Snap mechanic. In ranked mode, players play for ranked points, with the Snap mechanic effectively serving as a way to double down on the amount of ranked points on the line. As it wouldn’t exactly be fair to bet ranked points on matches between friends, Battle mode will instead introduce a HP system. Each player will have 10 HP, with the number of points on the line for a given match instead affecting the losing player’s HP pool as opposed to rank. Battle mode matches will consist of multiple rounds, and the first player to lose all their HP will lose the match.

Marvel Snap released last month and has quickly soared to the top of the mobile gaming charts (it’s also available on Steam). The free-to-play card game comes from former Hearthstone game director Ben Brode and his new studio Second Dinner, and features fast-paced, six-turn games where players employ both popular and obscure Marvel Comics characters to create 12-card decks.

In GameSpot’s Marvel Snap review, we called the card game “fine-tuned, well-designed, and so easily digestible that it’s difficult to put down.” For those looking to get started in Marvel Snap, be sure to check out our tips and tricks guide for beginners, as well as this list of great decks and strategies to consider.

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