Another patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has arrived, with animation fixes and a couple improvements for when ray tracing is disabled.

The patch notes are not specific, but claim that the update repairs creature and vehicle animations. The other changes only come into play when ray tracing is turned off. Binocular beacons will now work properly even when ray tracing is disabled, and the general quality of non-ray-traced reflections has been improved. Other fixes could be part of the patch, but are not listed in the patch notes.

Jedi: Survivor launched with a variety of performance issues, especially on PC. Several patches released over the months after launch improved both console and PC performance. One patch in particular revamped performance mode on console and added DLSS support.

In related news, a third Jedi game is on the way, according to actor Cameron Monaghan, who played Cal Kestis in both Survivor and Fallen Order. In a Comic Con panel, Monaghan said “We’re working on the third. We are in the process of doing it right now.” Director of both games, Stig Asmussen, departed EA earlier this year. It was announced that Survivor would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, though a specific release date is still up in the air. Developer Respawn is also working on a Star Wars FPS.

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