Kirsten Dunst famously played Mary Jane in three Spider-Man films, but unlike other leads from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, she did not appear in 2021’s No Way Home.

She would have come back, but no one asked, she told GQ. “No, no, I would have,” she said.

No Way Home brought back Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, alongside Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield as their versions of Spider-Man due to the film’s multiverse storyline. Alfred Molina (Doc Ock) and Willem Dafoe (Osborn), who appeared in the Raimi films, also returned for no Way Home.

Rumors suggest that Raimi might be plotting another Spider-Man movie with Maguire, but that’s not confirmed. Dunst has said she would make another superhero movie because they pay lots of money and she has bills to pay.

Asked about her recent blunt comments about the money to be made making superhero films, Dunst told GQ she’s surprised other actors don’t own up to how getting paid lots of money is often a motivator in taking a role. “That’s the reason people do those movies!” she said.

Dunst said she has not seen No Way Home, and isn’t sure how Mary Jane could have appeared in the movie if she was asked. But Dunst is keen to play Mary Jane again if it works out.

“It would be funny to be like, OK, let’s take Tobey [Maguire] and I and do it in a weird indie way where it’s like a different kind of superhero film,” she said. “Like how they did that movie Chronicle. It could be cool.”

Also in the interview, Dunst said she has heard that fans want her to make another Bring It On movie. She said the script would have to be “really good” for that to happen. But she has spoken with director Peyton Reed about it, she said.

“Mean Girls got redone, and I think that right now, women my age are the most powerful viewers, in a weird way,” she said.

Dunst’s next movie is Civil War, in which she plays a photojournalist covering America’s second civil war. Alex Garland directs the movie, and it might be his last film for a long time.


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