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Here’s Almost 15 Minutes Of Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gameplay

Here’s Almost 15 Minutes Of Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gameplay


Between Nintendo’s latest Direct and gameplay demos popping up at recent events, we’re starting to get a better look at how Super Mario Bros. Wonder is going to play. A hefty chunk of footage has been posted by Giant Bomb from a convention demo, showing the first few levels, a few bonus levels, and a handful of the game’s titular Wonder effects.

The demo footage shows a four-player co-op game, starting from the very first level of Mario Wonder. The players very quickly pick up the game’s popular elephant power-up, while also showing off some gameplay with Yoshi as a playable character–other characters can still ride the little dinosaur, sharing some of his bonuses when they do so.

The second half of the demo shows the players progressing into one of the game’s free-roam areas, where players can choose which courses they take on instead of progressing through a linear path. These include a Badge Challenge–in this case, a course that earns the players a wall jump Badge.

Those familiar with previous 2D Mario titles will notice the co-op gameplay isn’t quite as hectic as it has been in past games, thanks to Nintendo removing most collisions with other players, including the ability to bounce off each other’s heads. While not all players are likely to embrace the change, it definitely makes Mario Wonder’s co-op more friendly and, well, co-operative, with less likelihood that your fellow players will be able to sabotage your progress.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases on the Nintendo Switch on October 20.

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