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HasLab Reveals Omega Prime Transformer Crowdfunding Project

HasLab Reveals Omega Prime Transformer Crowdfunding Project


Everybody loves a collab, and the Transformers are no exception. Transformers have been combining forces since Devastator hit the scene, and other Robots in Disguise have followed since. One of those fearsome bots is getting a brand new action figure: Omega Prime.

I know what you’re thinking: Did you mean Optimus Prime? Or Omega Supreme? Neither! In the 2001 series Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus–the Autobots’ two big rigs–combined in a tussle for the Matrix of Leadership. The two became a single Autobot known as Omega Prime and had to work together to defeat the Decepticons.

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If you don’t watch Transformers, that’s a bunch of nonsense. Even if you do watch Transformers, it might still be pretty tough to parse. The important part, though, is that Hasbro is bringing this character to life as a HasLab project launching today, running through March 14, 2024. If the project manages to collect 10,000 backers, it’ll go into production for shipping in Fall 2025.

What’s more, the company has partnered on the project with Hisashi Yuki, the designer behind the Japanese Transformers toys released by toy company Takara Tomy, where he’s been a creative force behind the toy line since 1992. “We were honored to have Takara Tomy’s iconic designer, Hisashi Yuki-San, collaborate with us on this unique Omega Prime project, incorporating the classic features of the original toy that fans loved while updating the design to reflect the modern version for a new generation,” Mike Ballog, Vice President, Action Brands, Hasbro said. “We look forward to continuing the TRANSFORMERS legacy with Takara Tomy as we celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary.”

This set is made up of three figures: an 8.5-inch Optimus Prime figure, an 11.5-inch Ultra Magnus figure, and a 5.75-inch Bluebolts figure. This 2001 iteration of the characters reimagined Optimus Prime as a fire truck rather than a semi-truck. Ultra Magnus is closer to his original “car hauler” design and even has room for 3 smaller Transformers in car mode (they’re sold separately).

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The two combine into a single figure that begins with the two figures linking hands and transforming into the 13.75-inch tall Omega Prime. The new figure is based on the original 2001 figure but features improved structural support for better-posing. The third figure, Bluebolts, breaks down into a variety of weapon accessories and can fit inside the Ultra Magus figure as described above.

The Omega Prime set is available for backing/pre-order over on HasLab right now for $249.99.



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