If you’re in the market for a cheap MacBook Air, there really aren’t many options. A new MacBook Air will set you back around $1,000, and even when they go on sale they are still fairly pricey. For casual use and schoolwork, you may not need the latest and most powerful MacBook. In that case, you could pick up an older, refurbished model, such as this MacBook Air for just $290.

Rounding out the spec sheet is a 720p iSight camera, 12-hour battery life, Intel HD 5000 GPU, and 4GB RAM. It also clocks in at just three pounds, making it easy to lug around the office or campus. This refurbished MacBook Air has been given a rating of B, meaning you might notice some light scuffing or scratches on the chassis, but it’s guaranteed to work like new. This bundle comes with the following accessories:

  • Magsafe Charger
  • Snap-On Laptop Case (Black)
  • Wireless Mouse (Black)

Since this is a refurbished unit, you’ll get a 30-day warranty for your purchase and the option to return your product within 30 days of shipment. Although this MacBook Air won’t be running today’s hottest games, it’s a great choice for anyone on a budget that needs a reliable computer that looks great and won’t break the bank.

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