If you’re looking to collect every shield in Elden Ring, you’ll likely come across a large majority of them by just playing through the game normally. However, a handful of shields can be easily missed without a keen eye. That’s the case with the Great Turtle Shell Shield, which you may overlook if you’re not paying close attention. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get your hands on it.

The Great Turtle Shell Shield explained

The Great Turtle Shell Shield is a medium shield that requires 14 Strength to wield. While it’s not the best defensive option you can find, it’s nevertheless a decent choice for many builds simply due to its solid weight-to-protection ratio and the fact that it boosts your stamina recovery rate by 8%.

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The Great Turtle Shell Shield’s item description reads:

Shield fashioned from a great turtle shell. The natural curve helps it contend with foes’ attacks. The turtle is a symbol of tirelessness, and this shield boosts stamina recovery speed.

Where to find the Great Turtle Shell Shield

The Great Turtle Shell Shield can be found in Weeping Pennisula near the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. Walk or warp there, then look around close to you for a spiritspring, which you can use with Torrent to send you flying high into the sky.

Great Turtle Shell Shield location
Great Turtle Shell Shield location

As you go straight up in the spiritspring, you’ll be able to go in any direction, but your goal is to land directly on the top of the nearby ramparts tower. Once you land there, one of the two items found in the small area will be the Great Turtle Shell Shield.

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