Diablo IV players have long complained about gems cluttering up inventory space and lackluster stash functions. While it may have taken four months since the game’s launch, Diablo IV’s Season 2 patch looks like it will at long last address those concerns head on.

As detailed in Blizzard’s most recent Diablo Campfire Chat discussing all the upcoming changes, improving how players manage their inventories seemed to be a big priority when it came to Season 2’s various quality-of-life updates. Some of the changes outlined, like converting gems into a crafting material so they don’t take up inventory and Stash space, had been previously discussed. Other major changes, however, like the addition of stashes to many of the game’s smaller towns, were not.

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One huge change for those playing on higher World Tiers is that come Season 2, all Normal, Magic, and (on World Tier II) non-Sacred Rare items (or non-Ancestral Rare items on World Tier IV) will drop as crafting resources instead, massively reducing inventory clutter. Blizzard writes that this will reduce the number of times players will need to take unnecessary trips into town. For those who wanted to sell those trash items for gold instead of salvaging them for resources, Blizzard will instead increase the gold drop rates on World Tiers III and IV to compensate.

Much of Diablo IV’s endgame revolves around comparing items and sifting through all the loot players have acquired and stored in their stash for a rainy day. Thankfully, Diablo IV Season 2 will bring some much-needed improvements to the game’s stash and inventory screens. For starters, a Stash search and filter option will be added. When sorting the Stash or inventory, items with the same Legendary Aspects will be grouped together, and item affix tooltips will now also be displayed in a more consistent order, allowing for easier comparison between items. Additionally, items will have the ability to be flagged as a Favorite, which will prevent them from being sold or salvaged.

There are plenty of other changes coming with Diablo IV Season 2, including new endgame bosses, significant increases to the amount of XP players earn to reduce the endgame grind, additional improvements to Nightmare dungeons, changes to mounts, and more. That’s all without even mentioning Diablo IV Season 2’s new seasonal content, which includes 22 Vampiric Powers for players to acquire and upgrade. Diablo IV Season 2 begins on October 17, the same day the game launches on Steam.

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