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Diablo 4 Season 2 Will Soon Let You Experiment On Target Dummies

Diablo 4 Season 2 Will Soon Let You Experiment On Target Dummies


Diablo IV’s Season 2 update is a big one, but Blizzard is already teasing what players can expect from the next update coming after Season 2’s launch, patch 1.2.1.

Though Blizzard will have more to share soon, the developer did confirm two features coming alongside the update during its recent developer Campfire Chat livestream: training dummies and the ability to reset Paragon Boards.

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The training dummies will allow players to test out builds and items in a safe environment, in this case an abandoned cellar beneath the city of Kyovashad. Dummies can be adjusted to mimic elites, bosses, groups of enemies, and more.

Another highly-requested feature that will be added in patch 1.2.1 is the ability to reset Paragon Boards, with Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher stating it’s something the team knows fans have been asking about for quite some time. The change will make it so players will be able to more easily respec their character and try out a different build, something that was already the case for the game’s talent tree.

Patch 1.2.1 will be arriving sometime before BlizzCon on November 3, according to Fletcher, who later said the update will arrive towards the end of October. More details on what’s next for Diablo IV will come at BlizzCon. Those attending BlizzCon, or willing to pay $30-$50, can snag some Diablo IV in-game items as part of BlizzCon 2023’s digital goodie bag collection.

“We’re going to be constantly updating and adding new features to the game within Season 2, and players will hear more about that at BlizzCon and future streams,” Fletcher said.

Diablo IV Season 2, officially titled Season of Blood, launches on October 17. The game’s Season 2 patch looks to massively rebalance numerous aspects of Diablo IV, from how players deal damage to how its endgame grind works. Diablo IV will arrive on Steam the same same day as Season 2.

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