AI has become a hot-button issue in many areas of our lives, and that includes the world of video games. However, in a recent interview with GamesBeat, Call Of Duty boss Rob Kostich said that AI may be helpful, but it’s not clear if it actually helps companies make better games.

“That topic has come up quite a bit lately, obviously, in all aspects of entertainment,” Kostich said. “For us, the way we look at it right now honestly is just how does it help us make better games. There’s a lot of really interesting applications, a lot of tools that are coming to the forefront, a lot of them that still need to be vetted quite frankly, in a lot of ways, but we’re always looking at how does it just help us make better games. If we do that and use the tools to make better games, I think our community will be pretty happy.”

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Major gaming studios like Ubisoft have publicly shown off their AI tools, which have produced a variety of responses from fellow developers and fans. Earlier this year, Nvidia unveiled a suite of AI-powered tools that the company said could make for easier game development. However, despite this hype, the potential around AI in the games industry has remained controversial, with writers (like Janine Hawkins) stating that automating processes could kill off jobs in the industry. It’s important to note that these issues go far beyond the games industry, as the WGA’s new contract has several provisions related to AI that will ostensibly protect Hollywood writers moving forward.

Kostich discussed a variety of topics in the interview, including Call Of Duty’s 20th anniversary, his favorite entry in the series (2007’s Call of Duty 4), how game development has changed in two decades, as well as the future of the franchise. He also confirmed that the series is mapped out through 2027. Call of Duty Next is October 5, so check it out here.

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