The spooky season is coming to a close, but Fanatical is giving you one last chance to pick up some chilling horror games to celebrate Halloween. The aptly named Build Your Own Horror Triple Pack lets you bundle three games for just $3, selecting from a catalog of highly reviewed indies.

These titles might not be as popular as Resident Evil or Dead by Daylight–but you’re getting three games for three bucks. And considering most of these typically retail for around $15, that’s a pretty solid deal.

One of the best-reviewed games in the catalog is Tesla vs Lovecraft, which sees you playing as Nikola Tesla as he fights off Lovecraftian monsters in a top-down shooter. It’s not much of a horror game, but with plenty of horrific monsters and a haunting atmosphere, it’s a great game to play around Halloween.

If you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path, check out The Innsmouth Case. This detective game has you tracking down the missing Tabitha Marsh–a mission that sends you to the mysterious fishing town of Innsmouth. Offering a unique blend of scares and laughs, consider picking it up if you’re a fan of text-based adventures.

You’ll find the full catalog of games below.

Build Your Own Horror Triple Pack

The Music Machine

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