Years ago, a Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer pitched a movie idea for a film with a fantastic concept involving Nerf guns, though it never worked out. Writer Van Robichaux said on X/Twitter, as discovered by IGN, that the idea was to make a “normal action movie” but every weapon is a Nerf gun–and no one addresses it.

Robichaux said the movie could have featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, one of the Hemsworth brothers, or any big action stars. “Hire a great action director and do a normal action movie but–every weapon’s a Nerf weapon. Every bullet is foam. Never directly address it in the film and play it straight,” the writer said.

The writer was in love with the idea, but the pitch didn’t resonate at Hasbro, apparently. It’s too bad, because that sounds like a fantastic idea. Robichaux said it is “fear” that makes some studio executives apprehensive about funding new ideas.

Following the big success of the Barbie movie, which is inspired by the iconic toy, the rival toy-maker Hasbro opened an Entertainment Division that will help adapt the company’s catalog of games and toys into media.

Barbie has earned more than $1.2 billion worldwide to rank as the No. 2 film of 2023, trailing only The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Given the massive success of Barbie, many are wondering if there will be a sequel, but Warner Bros. has not made any announcements as of yet.

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