Halloween is still over a month away, but Apex Legends is kicking the spooky season off a little early with the release of the Season 18’s second in-game event: The new Harbingers Collection Event, which features a collection of 24 stunningly spine-chilling new cosmetics with Egyptian motifs–likely a reference to Season 18‘s “star” legend, Revenant, who is known to be worshiped as a god in an alternate dimension the legends visit each year for the annual Halloween Shadow Royale event.

But that’s not all the event has to offer–in addition to a new game mode and a dark, creepy version of the World’s Edge map, the event also grants players the option to obtain Fuse’s new Razor’s Edge Heirloom Weapon, a flame-shooting guitar that doubles as a battle axe. There are also a number of exclusive bundles available in the in-game shop, allowing players to pick up some extra accessories at a discount. But for those who aren’t keen on spending real-life cash, the event also offers a free reward track featuring a number of free cosmetics, among other goodies.

The 24 cosmetic items making up the Harbingers collection of cosmetics can be obtained either by purchasing them directly with Apex Coins, crafting them with Crafting Metals, or opening individual Harbinger Event Packs, which are special Apex Packs that cost 700 AC ($7 USD) and each unlocks one random item from the Harbingers Collection, in addition to two items from the game’s default evergreen loot pool. All cosmetics included in the Harbingers Collection are listed below, along with their prices.

Epic-tier items (available for 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals):

  • Blaze Of Glory Fuse banner frame
  • Divine Decimation Bloodhound banner frame
  • Ruination Ash banner frame
  • Judgement Night Bangalore banner frame
  • Fury Of The Swarm Seer banner frame
  • Pharaoh’s Respite Gibraltar banner frame
  • Obelisk Ballistic legend skin
  • Rune Goddess Catalyst legend skin
  • Terrifying Gaze Loba legend skin
  • Scarab’s Wing L-STAR weapon skin
  • Glyph Shot Flatline weapon skin
  • Chaos Prophecy HAVOC weapon skin

Legendary-tier items (available for 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals):

  • Pharaoh’s Guardian Fuse legend skin
  • Grave Protector Gibraltar legend skin
  • Eyes Of Horus Bloodhound legend skin
  • Curse Keeper Ash legend skin
  • Soul Keeper Bangalore legend skin
  • Ra Talent Seer legend skin
  • Deathweaver Alternator weapon skin
  • Eclipse Bringer Charge Rifle weapon skin
  • Ruler’s Watch Longbow weapon skin
  • Tomb Maker Nemesis weapon skin
  • The Judge Rampage weapon skin
  • Beetle Buster Prowler SMG weapon skin

Players who unlock all 24 Harbingers Collection Event cosmetics will also unlock Fuse’s new Razor’s Edge Heirloom Set, which includes the following Mythic-tier items:

  • Fuse’s Razor’s Edge Heirloom Weapon
  • “Salvo, how ya bloody doin’ tonight?” Fuse intro quip
  • Power Chord Fuse banner pose

The least-pricey way to get your hands on Fuse’s shiny new scythe is to use Crafting Metals to craft as many of the event’s Epic-tier items as possible, then obtain the remaining cosmetics by purchasing and opening Death Dynasty Event Packs, which are 700 AC ($7 USD) each. This will ensure you obtain the Death Grip Heirloom Set for 16,800 AC ($168 USD) or less, depending on how many of the items you’re able to craft for free beforehand. If you’re only interested in unlocking a few cosmetics, it may be a good idea to check out the store bundles on offer during the event, to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

But if your wallet is running low on Apex Coins, never fear–the Harbingers Collection Event also includes a free reward track full of exclusive cosmetic items (and other valuable loot) that players can earn by collecting Event Points (EP). EP are earned by completing challenges from the “Event Challenges” tab located on the upper-right side of the main lobby screen, where daily challenges are normally listed. All items included in the Harbingers Collection Event free reward track–and the amount of EP needed to unlock them–are listed below:

  • 250 EP: Harbingers universal banner badge
  • 500 EP: 10 battle pass stars
  • 750 EP: Doom Squad universal holospray (Epic)
  • 1,000 EP: 3 battle pass stars
  • 1,250 EP: Rise Above Mad Maggie banner frame (Epic)
  • 1,500 EP: Small But Unholy universal holospray (Epic)
  • 2,000 EP: Judge’s Helm weapon charm (Epic)
  • 2,500 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 3,000 EP: 3 battle pass stars
  • 3,500 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 4,000 EP: Epitaph Sentinel weapon skin (Epic)
  • 5,000 EP: Glyph Rebellion Mad Maggie legend skin (Epic)

The battle pass stars included in the reward track may not look like much at first glance, but don’t be fooled–they certainly add up, and the 16 battle pass stars that can be earned via the free reward track will instantly unlock one level of the Resurrection battle pass, and get you a little more than halfway to the level after that. If you’ve already got four battle pass stars, completing the free reward track will unlock two full battle pass levels. You’ll also get a total of 50 Crafting Metals for completing the reward track, which will certainly come in handy if you’re trying to craft the new event’s cosmetics rather than pay to unlock them all.

Keep scrolling for a detailed look at every item included in both the Harbingers Collection Event’s free reward track, its premium cosmetic collection, and the event’s themed store bundles. The Harbingers Collection Event ends on Tuesday, October 3 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, so be sure to get your claws on these creepy cosmetics before they’re gone, and remember to stay tuned for more Apex Legends news as Season 18: Resurrection continues.


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