Activision has announced a special bonus for everyone who bought the most expensive version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. The company said on Twitter that everyone who owns the $100 Vault edition of the game will get 10 hours of double XP tokens and 10 hours of double weapon XP tokens.

Activision is doing this due to “confusion” about the exclusive reward that Vault edition owners were promised. All Vault edition owners should receive the tokens within the next 48 hours.

The issue here is that tokens were originally given only to people who bought the Vault edition through the in-game store of another Call of Duty title, like last year’s Vanguard. But now, everyone who buys the Vault edition, through another title’s store or the official platform marketplace on their preferred platform, will receive the double XP tokens.

Activision received a good amount of backlash on social media for this, and the company has now changed course and will offer the double XP promos to all Vault edition owners.

Anyone who bought the regular version of Modern Warfare II can upgrade to the Vault edition for $30 to get the double XP tokens and Operators like Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap unlocked right away, among other benefits.

Modern Warfare II launched on October 28 and quickly because the fastest-selling Call of Duty game in history, bringing in $800 million in three days. Another new Call of Duty title, Warzone 2.0, will be released on November 16, following by yet another Call of Duty game, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, in 2023.

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