Whether you’re running out of space on your PS5 or you need an SSD to run a power-hungry PC game, Prime Day Round 2 is the perfect time to grab an NVMe SSD. Case in point: The latest high-end SSD from Samsung, one of the best brands in the storage game, is on sale for a can’t-miss price. The 2TB model of the excellent Samsung 990 Pro with heatsink is discounted to only $130 (down from $160). PS5 and PC users alike should consider snagging this deal before it sells out.

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For PS5 users, you’ll be ready to go out of the box with this 990 Pro thanks to the included heatsink (a requirement to regulate thermals on PlayStation 5). The process for installing an NVMe SSD in the PS5’s open M2 slot only takes a few minutes, as outlined in our PS5 SSD installation walkthrough.

Samsung says that this model is up to 40% faster than the 980 Pro and it has read/write speeds of up to 7450MB/6900MB per second. That naturally makes it brilliant for gaming, as well as intensive video editing and 3D modeling programs. This drive is also quite the looker and will look pretty darn handsome in your PC tower.

For a few other options for PS5 and PC, there are some Prime Day deals on Lexar’s SSDs. You can grab a 1TB SSD for just $33 or a 512GB SSD for $37. If you need even more space for large game installs or high-capacity 4K video captures, the Lexar 4TB NM790 SSD is a solid piece of tech to consider at this discounted price.

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