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Activision Can Mute Toxic Call Of Duty: MW2 Players; New Player-Reporting Tools Also Unveiled

Activision Can Mute Toxic Call Of Duty: MW2 Players; New Player-Reporting Tools Also Unveiled


Anyone who has ever played a Call of Duty game is likely all too familiar with a certain level of toxicity from other players. Hearing derogatory and horrific comments made over voice chat is not uncommon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Activision has now outlined what it’s doing to try to combat some of this behavior and clean up the battlefield.

Modern Warfare II features an “overhauled” in-game reporting system, Activision said in a blog post. Players have new ways to report bad actors, while Activision’s moderation teams are stepping up their game to help stamp out jerks.

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“If a player is verified to be engaging in offensive voice chat, for example, our system upgrade now allows the moderation team to mute that player globally from all in-game voice chat features. Similarly, our system can restrict text chat features for players found to be abusing in-game global chat,” Activision said.

The upgraded player-reporting and moderation systems that launched with Modern Warfare II will also be included in Warzone 2.0 and “all future Call of Duty titles going forward.”

The new player-reporting system allows players to submit additional context with their reports. Players can report other users for cheating, text chat spam, and for making offensive comments over text or voice. Players can also type in an optional custom message that is sent to Activision’s moderation teams.

“Your in-game reports are important to identifying and moderating bad behavior. Working together we can push to make our games a more positive experience for all,” Activision said.

MW2's in-game player-reporting system
MW2’s in-game player-reporting system

Additionally, Modern Warfare II requires players to accept the Call of Duty franchise’s Code of Conduct, which basically says don’t be a jerk. The new code has three core values: Treat everyone with respect, compete with integrity, and stay vigilant. Combined, and with adherence from the community, Activision is hoping this will create a “positive gaming experience for all.”

“Combating toxicity is an ongoing commitment. We look forward to making progress on this front together as we continue in the fight to make Call of Duty fair and fun for all,” Activision said.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has been a huge hit so far, reaching $800 million in revenue in three days and $1 billion after 10 days. The franchise will only grow bigger with the launch of MW2 Season 1 and Warzone 2.0 on November 16. In other news, Call of Duty Mobile’s big new Season 10 update lands November 9 and brings three famous football players to the battlefield.

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