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A Deep Rock Galactic Roguelite Shooter Is On The Way

A Deep Rock Galactic Roguelite Shooter Is On The Way


Deep Rock Galactic is one of the most beloved co-op shooters out thre, and it seems that it’s getting a spin-off that strikes a slightly different note. Titled Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core, it’s an FPS roguelite that sounds similar to genre stalwarts like Gunfire Reborn and Risk of Rain 2.

According to the press release announcing the upcoming game, Rogue Core supports up to four players, who don “phase suits” as they descend into the mysterious Greyout Zone to collect loot and weapons. Players will fight through procedurally generated levels in search of Expenite, a new “wonder-mineral” that can give their dwarf and phase suit temporary upgrades.

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True to the roguelite formula, players will unlock permanently new weapons, phase suits, and suit mods with each run to keep things fresh. Similar to the original Deep Rock Galactic, Rogue Core will launch in early access, with the aim of collecting player feedback in order to guide the development of the game. Ghost Ship Games plans for Rogue Core to enter early access in November 2024.

Generally considered one of the best Left-4-Dead-likes out there, Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op shooter where dwarves mine for treasure and loot inside of procedurally generated levels. Ghost Ship’s publishing arm recently announced another spin-off, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, which is similar to indie hit Vampire Survivors.

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