Thursday, March 30, 2023

Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G7 mini-LED monitor looks absolutely stunning

Samsung recently announced the launch of the Odyssey Neo G7, which is a flat mini-LED gaming monitor. If you’re wondering what all the hullaballoo is about, listen up. Mini-LED monitors...

Microsoft’s blisteringly fast DirectStorage tech finally arrives on PC

We’ve been waiting for Microsoft’s DirectStorage—the backbone of the Xbox Series X’s ultra-fast storage technology—to come to Windows for years now. After being released to developers last spring, it’s finally...

Here’s how to fix your NAS if Windows 10 or 11 broke it

Network-attached storage is great until it isn’t. When access to your files suddenly goes down, the fixes sometimes can be time-consuming, especially when related to a failed disk. Fortunately, that’s not...

Rhythm brawler Hi-Fi Rush oozes flashy personality

Yesterday’s Xbox Developer Direct presentation was a bit of a staid affair. Another Minecraft spinoff, another Forza, another Elder Scrolls Online expansion, and another preview for vampire shooter Redfall. But...

How I made my own wireless PC gaming keypad

When I built my first gaming PC, I plugged in a Belkin N52 instead of a gaming keyboard. Being weaned on the Genesis and playing almost nothing but console games...

Get one of our favorite SSDs for ludicrously cheap: 2TB for $120

Anytime you can get a mammoth 2TB SSD for $120, it’s a deal. But when you can get PCWorld’s favorite PCIe 3.0 SSD at that price, it’s an absolute steal—and...

This tiny water-cooled RTX 4090 is perfect for SFF

Have you seen the stonking great size of the latest high-powered cards from Nvidia and AMD? Three-plus PCI slot-thick designs seems to be the new standard for anything above the...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Character Houses

Disney Dreamlight Valley is overflowing with stuff to do, but few things are as satisfying as making new friends and adding them to your own world. Meeting the various Disney...

History of Fire Emblem – GameSpot

Fire Emblem is considered responsible for popularizing the tactical role-playing genre to legions of console gamers and, over the years, has had numerous entries that introduced beloved characters, freshened up...

Microsoft DirectStorage doesn’t slash gaming frame rates after all

Microsoft’s long-awaited (perhaps-revolutionary) DirectStorage technology finally arrived on the PC this week in Forspoken. Initial testing reports showed encouraging yet mildly perplexing results, with some sections of the game loading...
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